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I had been screwed by as well; thus, do yourself a favor by NOT dealing with Mexican b.s.Instead drop an e-mail to: "", that's what I did.

I have had no problems with them since I found them back in January 2011.

Everything is 100% pure... S T E R O I D S! Use them my fellow juicers! They are a legit domestic source so you will receive your order 100% in just a few days.

And by the way, their rates are also very decent and affordable.Anyway, pass them on if you'll like them.

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CancunSteroids - ripp-off

Bronx, New York 2 comments ripp-off

just like the title sy this place is a master ripp off

nice web site but complete scam, i have not recieved my product i 4 monthe

7 to 10 days my ***

you suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

you take peoples money and think thats cool. well one day you'll get yours

my friend. you are an outrage and you give out lies and more lies it true you are a crook, if you seen money to these person your going to lose it trust me it a scam to the last degree

no drugs here just give money for some fat guy in mex to get rich


Kissimmee, Florida, United States #240533

You're a *** on so many levels.

1. What kind of *** buys steroids on the internet?

2. What kind of *** spells steroids steriods?

3. What kind of *** takes steroids to begin with?

You should just kill yourself before you make another illegal alien drug mule take up jail space with my tax dollars. You know once your balls shrink to the point of having to pay for sex some hooker will laugh at your little *** and you'll just blow your brains out anyway, so save us both the time and money by putting a bullet in your skull ASAP.


. . just fly there and kill him.

CancunSteroids - is a SCAM

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Not resolved

I never recieved my product from and they did not return my e-mails.

Total rip-off STAY AWAY, I tried to communicate with them but they did not responed. But when I sent my money through WT to CANCUNSTERIODS.COM they did cash it in but sent no product and no reeson why my goods never reached me

This company is poorly run and is a total front and SCAM

Don't send them anything!!!!!!! You will be sorry, and this *** will be making money off of you too. I guess we all have to learn, just don't do what I did.


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Did anyone of you guys, find a site that is reliable and actually have the good stuff.

Please write me (this is not a scam, lol)


well i know its to late for you people, but for anyone else who reads this..this company has been gone for a few years they were part of the "big mexico roid lab bust" all of the products on the site are gone..

factories dismantled..

the page just was never taken down..if you western unioned ur funds u can prolly get a return if they were never picked up most likely they were but its worth a try


i wish i would have read this before!got screwed exactly the same way as everyone here.

i kind of expected it to tell the truth. just tired of the same *** gear you get from so called european human grade.

wich is all *** by the stay away from anything from dragon pharma, geneza , there all *** fake stuff shows up in crude bottles.


i had feeling they were a scam.but i never sent them money. i am to slick to be conned. wooooooooooo!

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